Jacqueline Ball selected for Primavera 2013

“The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) reveals the eight artists selected for the 22nd edition of Primavera, the annual exhibition for Australian artists aged 35 years and under.

Primavera 2013 is curated by Robert Cook, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Photography and Design at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. The exhibition features works by Jacqueline Ball (WA), Jackson Eaton (WA/VIC), Heath Franco (NSW), Brendan Huntley (VIC), Thomas Jeppe (WA/VIC), Jess Johnson (VIC), Juz Kitson (NSW) and Kusum Normoyle (NSW).

Themes include a moving investigation of romantic and family relationships, the creation of portals into fictional realms, a look at the role of language in the shaping of (and the breaking down of) the self and the ways sound shapes our physical and emotional worlds. These ideas are presented across a range of media including painting, wall painting, sculpture, photography, installation, ceramics, digital media, sound and performance.”

“Eight photographs by Jacqueline Ball appear to be tunnels between different realities. Their scale, based on amplifications of domestic doorways, engages with the floor and the wall of the gallery, and invites viewers into the artist’s alter-realities while physically overwhelming them.”

(excerpts from the Primavera press release.)  View it here:



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