An exciting new exchange!

In an exciting new venture, Turner Galleries is partnering with the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (KdMoFA) in Taipei (Taiwan) to create a new Residency Exchange Project.  In 2017 a curator exchange will take place, with a curator from Taipei travelling to Perth and a curator from Perth travelling to Taipei.

Lee Kinsella, from Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, has been selected as the Perth curator. She will travel to Taipei in mid September 2017 and will stay at the KdMoFA residency facilities on the campus of the Taipei National University of The Arts.  Whilst there she will meet with students, lecturers and meet many professional art workers and artists in Taipei, before travelling through regional Taiwan undertaking interviews and research.

Lee’s primary research topic will be to consider how individuals interweave their personal histories within grand narratives of politics, history and family. With both Australia and Taiwan having displaced Indigenous populations, and the confluence of several different cultures, this will make for an interesting analysis.

Emerging curator Erica Yu-Wen Huang has been selected as the Taipei curator.  She will be arriving in Perth in early September and will stay for four weeks in the residency accommodation at the North Metropolitan TAFE. Erica is a dynamic young curator whose interests lie with researching the hidden history under urban development, and changes of cultural movement and landscape. Whilst in Perth she aims to visit public and private collections, network with local curators and gallery directors, meet artists in their studios and explore Perth. She will give public and student talks whilst in Perth regarding her research and contemporary art in Taipei.

Both curators hope to organise exhibitions as outcomes from their residencies, and will collaborate with each other wherever possible.

In 2018 this exchange project will involve the exchange of two artists between Perth and Taipei.  Stay tuned!


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