RExPTP: Dr Eugenio Viola’s Residency.

Dr Eugenio Viola, Senior Curator at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, has now returned to Perth from his very successful residency in Taiwan.  This was the final component of the Turner Galleries’ Residency Exchange with the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (KdMoFA) in Taipei, where Eugenio was hosted.

Arriving in Taipei on 11 November, Eugenio had a massively packed itinerary to work his way through.  Liya Wang, from the KdMoFA, was on hand to receive and orientate Eugenio around the impressive Taipei National University of the Arts campus.  On campus he met with several staff, including the artist Yuan Goang-Ming.

Courtesy calls were made early on to Rachael Jiang (Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government), and Representative Gary Cowan (Australian Office in Taipei).  In the day that followed many visits were made to various Taipei galleries (meeting directors and artists), including Eslite Art Gallery, Double Square Gallery, TKG Gallery, Chi-Wen Gallery, and Venue.   That night Eugenio met with Fang-Wei Chang, senior curator of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

Eugenio Public Talk @ KdMoFA-7 lo.jpg

The following day, 14 November, Eugenio met with the Director of KdMoFA, Lin Hong-John, and gave a public talk (pictured above).  The KdMoFA is the first fine arts museum located within a university campus in Taiwan.  Its striking contemporary architectural design houses a five-storey museum, including exhibition spaces, offices, storage areas, residency facilities, research hubs and meeting rooms.

That night Eugenio caught up with our other 2018 exchange recipient, Yao Jui-Chung, who of course was also an artist in residence at PICA in 2018 during his stay in Perth.

PICA visit to Xinfu Market-7.jpg

Day five was another whirlwind of activity.  Eugenio met with Director Lin Ping, from the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, followed by a visit to the Xinfu Cultural Market (by JUT Foundation for Arts & Architecture.  Pictured above), and the JUT Art Museum.

The highlight of the following day was the official opening of the 2018 Taipei Biennial at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum at 7pm.  During the daylight hours Eugenio visited the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, the Taipei Artist Village, (pictured below with Director Catherine Lee and PICA Director Amy Barrett-Lennard – who accompanied Eugenio for part of his residency), and the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab).

PICA with TAV staff (image provided by Amy).jpg

Day seven was filled with meeting artists, such as Su Hui-Yu, Hsu Chia-Wei and Yu Cheng-Ta.  The 2 days that followed were equally filled with gallery outings and artist studio visits.

On 20 November Eugenio took the High Speed Rail from Taipei to Tai-chung to visit the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and view the exhibition Wild Rhizome – 2018 Taiwan Biennial.  That afternoon he payed a studio visit to the artist Li Jiun-Yang.  The next morning he caught another High Speed Rail to Kaohsiung and visited the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Pier-2 Art Centre and the artist Shi Jin-Hua.


The next day, 22 November, entailed another High Speed Rail journey, this time to visit the extraordinary Soulangh Cultural Park in Tai-Nan, a former sugar factory and now home to exhibition spaces and residency facilities (above), before returning to Taipei that evening to prepare for his second public talk, The Practice of Curating: The Energy Exchange”.  This talk formed part of the 2018 Museum Lab Lecture Series: Producing and Curating of New Relationships, held at the Taipei New Horizon located at one of the most prestigious and popular creative hubs, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei on 23 November (image below). This public talk was organised by Dr. Yaohua Su of the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University.  

Eugenio Public Talk @ X museum LAB-1.jpg

This event was followed by a couple of very well deserved rest and recovery days!

Eugenio’s final days, 26 and 27 November, were again filled with meeting artists (Peng Hung-Chih, Chen Fei-Hao, Chen Ching-Yaun and Kao Chung-Li, Fang-Wei Chang) and meeting with gallery directors and curators (Wang, Jun-Jieh and Andre Lee).  He headed home on 28 November, exhausted but extremely pleased with the many new contacts he had established in this exciting country.

Dinner with Professor Chu-1.jpg

(Above: Farewell dinner with Professor Chu and Liya Wang).

Eugenio Viola’s exchange completes Turner Galleries two year exchange program with KdMoFA.  The outcomes have been extraordinary, and will continue to unfold in 2019.  None of this could have happened without the tireless efforts of Ashley Yihsin Chang (Turner Galleries International Project Manager) and our 2018 funding partners and sponsors:  rexptp_logos_A4_2018_NEW.png

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